Our mission is to facilitate connections between women
who want to define confidence and success on their own terms.


Our Events


Intimate Dinners

Do you want to connect with other bad-ass women in a comfortable, casual, and inclusive setting? Join us for an Intimate Confidence Dinner! 

Intimate Dinners are designed to feel like a dinner party for about 8-10 women.  We coordinate with local restaurants to create a memorable space where you can make new friendships over great food, wine, and conversation.

No awkward networking. No randoms hitting on you at the bar. Just girl talk and yummy eats. Doesn't get much better than that, does it?


Educational Dinners

Do you want to learn about topics from other trailblazing women in Boston? Join us for an Educational Confidence Dinner!

Educational Dinners are designed to help 20-25 women grow both personally and professionally. We partner with local businesses and female thought leaders to create an inclusive space to discuss topics that affect women's lives.

Confidence is built through education and conversation - let's talk about the shit that matters and motivate each other to keep moving forward!


Interested in joining us at the table?