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Carolyn Birsky, CPC

Life + Career Coach and Owner
@ Compass Maven

Hey! I’m Carolyn, an avid connector, girl power enthusiast, and coffee lover.

For my whole life, I’ve been incredibly passionate about helping other women become their most badass selves. In fact, I left a successful career in sales to become a life + career coach so I could empower women full time! Through my business, Compass Maven, I help women in their 20s and 30s gain the clarity and confidence they need to get unstuck and turn the lives and careers of their dreams into reality.

When I’m not coaching, I use my extroversion as a superpower, constantly meeting new people and introducing them to one another. I deeply believe in the magic of female friendships and the power of women coming together to change the world. If you could use one hashtag to describe me, it would be #collaborationovercompetition because I firmly believe that there is enough room at the table for all of us.

My hope is that Confidence Dinners gives you a space to be yourself, a community to support you, and inspiration to collaborate with other amazing women! Can't wait to dine with you soon!


Bailey Reagan, MAPP, CAPP

Customer Experience Manager @ Panda Planner and Founder @ Happiness Rebel

Hi! I'm Bailey, a positivity creator, community builder, and weekly brownie baker. Think of me as Betty Crocker, but for happiness.

I’ve been bringing people together online and offline for as long as I can remember. And, somehow, I’ve managed make a career of it. At Panda Planner, I bring people together online by managing inclusive, fun, and social communities that help others learn more about science-backed tips and tricks to live a more happy, fulfilled life. As Founder of Happiness Rebel, I bring people together offline by hosting interactive positive psychology workshops that teach others research-rooted tactics to design life like they give a damn.  

When I’m not connecting with others about the good life, I’m most likely thinking about food, reading about food, watching shows about food, cooking food, eating food, or having people over for food. Drinking Mezcal, dancing to Macklemore, and practicing yoga can also be thrown into the mix.

To me, #communityiseverything because, let’s get real, it is. It’s my greatest hope that Confidence Dinners helps you find a tribe of positive, trailblazing, and badass women to connect with and grow with. See you at the table for noms + conversation!